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Flashlight FAQ:

Q: How to use a SPY?

A: Turn knob one click and the light will come on in the lowest setting, turn knob farther to click up to higher levels. Please, check out this video to see more.

Q: What should I expect when I receive my SPY?

A: SPY flashlights are shipped without batteries. This is so the Postal Service will not have the option to open the package. Please have CR-123 or RCR-123 (16340) rechargeable batteries on hand when you’re SPY arrives. Either rechargeable or primary batteries will do. Primary CR123 batteries are available from places like; Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon. Please also check out the rechargeable battery video and the battery cap video, both on this page, for more detail on the batteries. Please watch the videos on this page and see the SPY owner's manual for information on the care and use of your new flashlight.

Q: How do the various SPY models compare?

A: The 007 is well suited for EDC use. It is rugged and practical and most often purchased as a person’s first SPY. The 005 is intended to have that smooth retro look and feel. And the Tri-V is a special light designed for hard-core flashlight enthusiasts. All of the spy flashlights are about the same size and use two CR – 123 batteries. The defining characteristic of all of SPYs is that they have a knob that instantly selects through six brightness levels.

Q: How to configure for rechargeable batteries?

A: Just put them in. However, if your rechargeable batteries do not have built in protection circuitry, there is a mode in your SPY that you can select to protect them from over discharge. When this mode is enabled your light will let you know when your batteries get low. Please see the details in the user manual and this video.

Q: How do I purchase a SPY flashlight?

A: Just send us an email with your order information. Please see the Shop page for more details.

Q: Is the SPY 007 really the fastest light in the West?

A: Well no, we are in the east! ;) However, after you are acquainted with using your SPY, try flicking the knob with your thumb really fast. Once you get the hang of it, it is fun. The SPY is made to take it, you cannot wear out the military grade switch. Please check out this video for a demonstration.

Q: What are the various knobs like?

A: The military knob on the 007 has O-rings so it can be used tactical fast. The 005 knob is sleek and low profile like the rest of the light. The Vegas knob lets you lock out the higher levels on the fly. Please see this video for demonstrations.

Q: How do the various battery caps compare?

A: There are two types of battery caps. The original military cap has a small release button hidden on the bottom of the cap. When pushed in with the tip of a pencil the cap will release and pop off the light. Some people have put beads on the lanyard to use to push on the button. The Vault battery cap on the other hand is a twist to release cap. Please check out this video to see these battery caps in action.

Q: How do I change the light intensity level of position 1 to a very dim output?

A: See your owner's manual section on programming PU4 and this video.

Q: How can I mount my SPY?

A: The general purpose adapter will grab the rail on the SPY. Please check out this video to see more.

Q: How do I change the brightness and other settings in my SPY?

A: The flashlight settings are accessed through the power up modes. This is detailed in your owner's manual and through this comprehensive 30 minute video.

Q: Is there a holster for the Tri-V?

A: Yes, these are old stock Art Of the Hide holsters that have a slightly larger internal cavity. They fit the addational length of the Vault battery cap. This holster option is available only with the purchase of a new Tri-V.

Q: What is the Trek all about?

A: It is the only SPY that has a pcket clip. Additionally it has a knob that lends itself to being in your pocket.

Q: What heads are available for the Trek?

A: There is a smooth stone washed copper with dark patina, a hammered copper stone washed with a 3D patina, a smooth titanium stone washed and there are many options for other metals.

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We Support Our Troops.

SPY lights are not generally used in combat due to their custom nature and cost. However, I want to show you one that is used by army captain Kyle deployed to Afghanistan. CPT Kyle was kind enough to send me several pictures of him with his 007 Sapphire Vegas in several locations around his base. These are my two favorites.

Cool Fall thanks you for your service.

Candle Power Forums

Cool Fall discovered CPF in 2005 and quickly started working on our first SPY flashlight, the 005. Soon after that Greta gave us our own Cool Fall forum on CPF under the "CPF Custom Flashlight Builders and Modders" category. That forum stands as a permanent record of the early days of our flashlight endeavors. We have a lot of history and pride in CPF and it continues to be one of our hangouts and a portal for day to day interaction with customers. If you are just getting involved in the world of custom flashlights, CPF is an enormous and, I admit, a somewhat overwhelming database of flashlight information.

Owner's Manuals

All the Owner's Manuals for the SPY flashlights are posted as threads on CPF. This is a link to list of the available manuals. The manuals are detailed and include videos of all aspects of SPY flashlight use and care.

White Papers

These varied papers are for background reading about all things SPY. Some are fairly old. We are collecting this information from sources like Cool Fall email and forum posts. More will be coming soon.

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